Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hybrid Application , Android Application & IOS Application comparison

  • Hybrid mobile application can be cost effective method to develop mobile application.
  • Hybrid mobile application can also be time saving to be developed as against developing android and ios both of applications
  • Developer just requires html , css, javascript knowledge to develop such an application
  • As it is hybrid it works on both android as well as ios .

  • Low in performance compared to android application and ios application as it is mostly server side scripting language.
  • Dynamic requirements such as map , navigations can be very tedious job to be implemented in hybrid application.
  • Most of development is based on plugins available on cordova and ionic framework , so if plugins are not available it would be more of a challenge to develop such requirement.
  • Hybrid applications look and feel may change according to different versions , so it is quite difficult to keep look and feel same on all platform.

Android application
  • Android application has better performance compared to hybrid application.
  • It is comparatively easier to develop app on native platform like android .
  • It is comparatively economical to upload mobile app on google play store compared to itunes.
  • It is relatively easier to develop map related functionality and navigation functionality in android as compared to Hybrid technology.
  • Look and feel will remain same and will support all android application version available example: jellybean, kit Kat, lollypop, marshmallow.
  • Android play store cost is one time and economical compared to  itunes cost which is also recurring as well.
  • Android app can be developed on operating systems like windows , ios, linux operating system as well

  • Android application will be supporting only android platform as against hybrid application which will be supporting both platform.
  • Cost of development might be more compared to hybrid application.
  • Developer having knowledge of java and android can only develop mobile app on android platform as compared to hybrid app developer.

IOS Application
  • IOS applications tend to be more secured compared to android and hybrid applications.
  • Map and navigational functionalities are easier to develop and output is far better compared to Hybrid applications.
  • Look and feel will remain same on all versions IOS operating systems.

  • Development cost tend to be more costlier compared to android and hybrid application
  • Upload cost on i-tunes is also high compared to android play store.
  • Too much guidelines to be fulfilled while uploading i-pa on i-tunes compared to upload android APK on google play store.
  • Developers having knowledge of i-os, swift and objective c  can only develop i-os applications.
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Monday, 6 March 2017

How to start your online venture?

In this post i will share that how someone can start his online venture from technical perspective where we are going to discuss about website designing, website development, web application development , mobile application development, SEO ,as well as Digital marketing.

Well today website any way has become a necessity for any business but when we are talking online business but of course website becomes a very much integral part of your business plan, so whatever may be your brainchild it is very important to have a website which portrays your business and communicates with your target audience.

So first is to develop your website whether it is Ecommerce or subscription based or some kind of a portal or even classifieds to name a few. You have to deeply get involved in designing and development of your website or web application. Also try and get the domain name as catchy as possible.

User experience is something very important if you want to hold on to your visitors on your website, so try and have smooth and uncomplicated website which makes user understand flow of your website or web application. Once you are done with development of your website try and check it in live environment as live testing is utmost important once your website is bug free, try and launch it making it available to all with proper support from your vendor. Mouth publicity is always a good option but world is moving on internet and visibility has become very important.

So for getting visibility on Google try an start doing SEO of your website also invest in digital marketing as well, this will get your website above your competitors this will help people making aware about your online presence as well as generating more revenue for your business as well. You also have option of generating revenue from Google through AdSense and ad words

Once there are enough users using your website try a go for mobile app development well while doing so you may go with native mobile application or hybrid mobile application development depends on your budget, you may also choose to launch only android application first to keep your users engage with your business and after that going for IOS application. Once user gets your mobile app on his mobile it’s very much likely that you have become a first choice for your target audience there by going ahead of your competitors in your business, here again through mobile apps you can generate revenue from Google play store and apple store as well.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Can phone gap or ionic framework is an alternative for native mobile application

World is really moving towards mobile applications in our day to day life somehow in a day we make use of lot of apps on our mobile. Whether you are an android user, IOS user or windows, now a days there is something which may work as an alternative to this native mobile application that is phone gap and ionic frameworks. We have asked about this with Mobile application Development Company who explained us about this topic in detailed.

So let understand what this framework are and why they can become feasible solution or an alternative to native mobile application. First we will look into the advantages of using phone gap and ionic framework over native mobile application.

Advantages of using phone gap framework:
·         Open source: phone gap framework is an open source platform, where you can use their codes for free.
·         One for all: Need to develop once and can be used for multiple platforms, such as android, IOS and windows as well i.e. one code for all platforms.
·         Cost and time saving: As per above point it is cost saving for clients and time saving for developer as well. As developer is not required to develop same app for different OS platforms.
·         No limitations: Developers on any technology whether it is java, PHP, .NET all can use this framework only with the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for developing such mobile application.
·         Hardware accessibility:  through phone gap and ionic framework we can have access to mobile camera, geo location, vibration, and accelerometer.
·         Adobe support: Developers no need to take headache of generating APK as phone gap uses adobe build service to generate such files to be uploaded on play store and iTunes.

Dis-advantages of using phone gap and ionic framework:
·         Functionality support: Phone gap and ionic framework don’t support all native functionality.
·         Performance: hybrid apps developed on phone gap and ionic framework are quite slow compared to native mobile applications.
·         Dependency: Depending on your app scope there is at least 10% dependency on native development.
·         Plugin limitations: if there is no feature available.

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Why Codeignitor framework is recommended over other php frameworks?

PHP- hypertext pre-processor is server side scripting Language specially have been used for Website development and  web-application. Now a days website has become need for almost all the business in the market and php has played a significant role by providing time saving ways of developing websites or web-applications to php developers there by helping businesses having website for their business in economic cost.

There are many frameworks and CMS in php such as Laravel, Code igniter, cake php, magento, Joomla etc. to name a few. But the framework that has been stand out or preferred more over other framework or CMS is Code igniter. Codeigniter has been by far the choice for maximum developer’s reason being it is friendlier from developer’s point of view. Before getting into details of how code igniter framework is better than other php framework Lets understand concept of MVC as mostly all framework are built on the concept of MVC ARCHITECTURE.

MVC full form is model, view and controller to elaborate better, model is the part or function where all of your queries are stored to be executed whereas view is your design where mostly HTML and CSS part is kept and controller is the middle part where all your logic is been developed there by helping data to be transferred from frontend to database and from database to frontend, controller plays the major role.

Now we can look into Code igniter Framework
  • Time of Execution: Developers mostly get attracted to php and especially code igniter due to its execution time, there is no better technology compared to php which provides execution very fast.
  • Organization of Files: When you install the code igniter frameworks at the same time there are many applications and files which consist of controller, config, model, view etc. are stored in it.
  • Easy to configure: Cod igniter model view controller framework is very easy to configure. Once you install the framework as per system configuration than just you have to open "config.php" file and load the database, library in that and save it. Now when you start development you can use same database name everywhere.
  • Security Purpose: Code igniter has been really secured compared to other framework there by providing functionality to encrypt and decrypt data that can be transferred.
  • Handling Bugs or Error: Handling bugs or errors has never been so easy before, Compared to other frameworks in codeigniter you have to just write one line code to enable all errors in your code and getting your problems solved.

There has been the reasons codeigniter has standout compared to other php framework. LOOKING FOR DEVELOPING web-application please contact us at

Friday, 17 February 2017

Retail industry moving towards Mobile Application

Retail sector is one of the oldest sector in business consisting of mom and pop shop to giant malls like in-orbit, D-mart all has come a long way today considering technology in their business model as one of the important factor. But today due to emergence of ecommerce sector , Retail sector has lost its share to this ecommerce boom, to be at par with such a change taking place in today’s arena Retail industry are considering Mobile Application as one of the tool to compete with each other as well as Ecommerce players.
Retail sector whether its Food chains like Dominos, McDonald, etc. or clothing and accessories stores like Shopper stop , Max, etc. all are today somehow have started using mobile application for increasing their business as well as sales.
Now a days Food chains and hotel industry are developing mobile applications such as online ordering system through which their customers can order online, There are certain mobile applications which are coming up for clothing and accessories sector where user can ask for customized accessories or cloths according to their requirement, then there are certain mobile apps been developed for tracking salesman and their targets also helping generating genuine sales reports for business as well.
There are innovative ways through which retail industry is changing its face and as mentioned earlier they are using mobile apps developed by mobile application development company as one of the tool in their business strategy well we can conclude with one assumption today that whether it is traditional retail or modern retail use of mobile apps for retail business is the future.
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Friday, 3 February 2017

How mobile app can help your business to grow?


Today’s Era is full of technology and biggest revolution taken place in Information Technology are mobile application. As we know more and more businesses are looking forward to move from human centric approach to automated approach now a days and in it  huge roll is been played by mobile applications it has become very much important to look at it from how it will help your business grow. Pick any industry today whether tours& travel, banking, logistics or any other industry for that matter, All are focusing on automated approach today. As after the boom of information technology, Android applications are replacing roles played by softwares. So whether you want to do money transaction, ticket booking, food ordering, Ecommerce, bill payment you will find mobile application playing their role everywhere.
If you are coming up with any business or running any business consider mobile application in your business plans. As you acquire more and more clients make them use your mobile app , this will keep you in touch with your clients as much as possible ,keep sending them updates about your business ,products, services, etc. It also helps for branding purpose for your business as having your app with your clients will position your brand in your clients mind.

In coming future mobile application will become every individuals part of life for anything or everything, so if you are running business or planning to start your business don’t miss the bus invest in future of your business and get the mobile app .
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

How IT Company Works?

Start as a freelancer as company Prolifiquetech had done , reason is you need capital, if you already have capital than focus on getting your Business registered like PAN number, service tax, gumasta license, etc. For start register your business as sole proprietor or if there is partner register it as partnership firm. Don’t rush to get your business registered as PVT LTD as it will push you in tax related work which you don’t have time for and not even money to pay heavy cost to CA as it is just start of your business.
Once done with registration start focusing on your expertise like if you have sales and marketing expertise in you and your team focus on it and outsource development part to freelancers or website design and development companies and learn to bargain being in sales that’s mandatory  or if you have development experience focus on it start getting business from companies who are looking to outsource projects .
Talking on sales and marketing utilize your network you have and try and make your online presence by digital marketing and SEO there by generating more leads for your business only if require and you have good team invest in cold calling or else focus on online marketing only.
On website development front choose your expertise in technology and compete on price front as there is huge competition today and once you have your sufficient portfolio ,show it to your clients and get projects on that basis and provide them with quality work to get more reference from them.
Once you start feeling that your business has got into profitable position go for loan through various sources available but for less rate of interest,Keep carrying on with your business and growing and extending it , as per business principle there are 3 laps for any companies to cross or sustain.

Once you cross 5 years your company will reach a position which will last for a long period of time, CHEERS you have made it.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How SEO Marketing helps to grow Business?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important aspect of marketing to grow your business in todays era. SearchEngine Optimization is a technique through which you can increase your page rank with relevant content for target audience for your business. Now a days most of people who whether wants to buy any product or service whether it may be online or offline, first thing someone does is searching that product or service for details on google.
So today to increase enquiries or leads for your business it is important to not only have website but it should also be visible to target group on first or second page of google . As after those two pages your website is as good as invisible for customer.
Example: if someone searches for " website designing company in navi mumbai" and if you are located in navi mumbai providing these service than your website should be available on first page for this kind of search which is possible through search engine optimization. Those website which are available on first page will get more clicks and there by getting more leads for their business, apart from this it will also affect their brand making it reach more customers.
Today SEO has overtaken traditional marketing concept such as cold calling as due to SEO it is actual customer who requires your product or service reaches you for fulfilling their requirement where as in cold calling conversion rate is very low as most of our calls are for those audience who may or may not require your product or service utilizing your time and money for none.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

How Prolifiquetech Started?

 (brings imagination to reality) was started on 1st July 2014.

PROLIFIQUETECH was brought into existence by 4 visionaries who thought of creating such an enterprise which will create IT solutions for business to grow and thereby creating job opportunities for youngster as well.

PROLIFIQUETECH as a website Design and Development company in Navi Mumbai first started its work with small projects and a residential apartment in panvel but with high dreams and vision for the company. We have reached to a reputable position online as well as offline, today we have good online presence and our office is situated in one of the most prominent commercial space in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Today after 2 years & 7 months we can proudly say that we are on the right path with providing right solutions to our clients to increase their business and creating job opportunities for job seekers there by continuing on the path of fulfilling our dreams and vision. We believe in keeping our employees happy which results indirectly in keeping our clients satisfied, helping us in our business growth.

So please feel free to comment or contact us for any query.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Types of SEO Techniques

SEO known as search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing. SEO is used to increase your website rank on google. SEO can also be used to increase sales lead for your business. Nowday's SEO plays major role in increasing business of all categories. There are various type of techniques by which you can achieve this. Various Website Design Companies in Navi Mumbai have stated that client’s basic requirement includes seo.

There are three types of SEO:

1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO is a technique where we use genuine content of our own instead of copying content online for articles to be published, where as a content writer we are not just focused on increasing our website rank but also providing such a content which is related to the title or subject of that article.

2. Black hat SEO

 Black hat SEO is a technique where content writer desperately tries to manipulate content which might not be related to the subject or title of articles to be published. There are also some other ways of black hat SEO like hiding text and links.
Using these techniques we can increase our website rank but this are short term gains as Google notices this it will hamper website rank and also might block your website as well.

3. Grey hat SEO:

Grey hat technique is a mix of Black hat and white hat to increase website rank as well as visitors on your website.

Google may or may not notice this, It may be argued that it is white hat or black hat technique but as it is mixed we call it grey hat technique or we can also say it is bordered black box technique where we don't cross major boundaries laid down by Google for Search engine optimization.

If you needs SEO, don’t hesitate in asking your website designing company. There are several reputed SEO companies in Navi Mumbai that offer SEO as well as web design services.