Friday, 17 February 2017

Retail industry moving towards Mobile Application

Retail sector is one of the oldest sector in business consisting of mom and pop shop to giant malls like in-orbit, D-mart all has come a long way today considering technology in their business model as one of the important factor. But today due to emergence of ecommerce sector , Retail sector has lost its share to this ecommerce boom, to be at par with such a change taking place in today’s arena Retail industry are considering Mobile Application as one of the tool to compete with each other as well as Ecommerce players.
Retail sector whether its Food chains like Dominos, McDonald, etc. or clothing and accessories stores like Shopper stop , Max, etc. all are today somehow have started using mobile application for increasing their business as well as sales.
Now a days Food chains and hotel industry are developing mobile applications such as online ordering system through which their customers can order online, There are certain mobile applications which are coming up for clothing and accessories sector where user can ask for customized accessories or cloths according to their requirement, then there are certain mobile apps been developed for tracking salesman and their targets also helping generating genuine sales reports for business as well.
There are innovative ways through which retail industry is changing its face and as mentioned earlier they are using mobile apps developed by mobile application development company as one of the tool in their business strategy well we can conclude with one assumption today that whether it is traditional retail or modern retail use of mobile apps for retail business is the future.
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