Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hybrid Application , Android Application & IOS Application comparison

  • Hybrid mobile application can be cost effective method to develop mobile application.
  • Hybrid mobile application can also be time saving to be developed as against developing android and ios both of applications
  • Developer just requires html , css, javascript knowledge to develop such an application
  • As it is hybrid it works on both android as well as ios .

  • Low in performance compared to android application and ios application as it is mostly server side scripting language.
  • Dynamic requirements such as map , navigations can be very tedious job to be implemented in hybrid application.
  • Most of development is based on plugins available on cordova and ionic framework , so if plugins are not available it would be more of a challenge to develop such requirement.
  • Hybrid applications look and feel may change according to different versions , so it is quite difficult to keep look and feel same on all platform.

Android application
  • Android application has better performance compared to hybrid application.
  • It is comparatively easier to develop app on native platform like android .
  • It is comparatively economical to upload mobile app on google play store compared to itunes.
  • It is relatively easier to develop map related functionality and navigation functionality in android as compared to Hybrid technology.
  • Look and feel will remain same and will support all android application version available example: jellybean, kit Kat, lollypop, marshmallow.
  • Android play store cost is one time and economical compared to  itunes cost which is also recurring as well.
  • Android app can be developed on operating systems like windows , ios, linux operating system as well

  • Android application will be supporting only android platform as against hybrid application which will be supporting both platform.
  • Cost of development might be more compared to hybrid application.
  • Developer having knowledge of java and android can only develop mobile app on android platform as compared to hybrid app developer.

IOS Application
  • IOS applications tend to be more secured compared to android and hybrid applications.
  • Map and navigational functionalities are easier to develop and output is far better compared to Hybrid applications.
  • Look and feel will remain same on all versions IOS operating systems.

  • Development cost tend to be more costlier compared to android and hybrid application
  • Upload cost on i-tunes is also high compared to android play store.
  • Too much guidelines to be fulfilled while uploading i-pa on i-tunes compared to upload android APK on google play store.
  • Developers having knowledge of i-os, swift and objective c  can only develop i-os applications.
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