Thursday, 19 January 2017

Types of SEO Techniques

SEO known as search engine optimization. SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing. SEO is used to increase your website rank on google. SEO can also be used to increase sales lead for your business. Nowday's SEO plays major role in increasing business of all categories. There are various type of techniques by which you can achieve this. Various Website Design Companies in Navi Mumbai have stated that client’s basic requirement includes seo.

There are three types of SEO:

1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO is a technique where we use genuine content of our own instead of copying content online for articles to be published, where as a content writer we are not just focused on increasing our website rank but also providing such a content which is related to the title or subject of that article.

2. Black hat SEO

 Black hat SEO is a technique where content writer desperately tries to manipulate content which might not be related to the subject or title of articles to be published. There are also some other ways of black hat SEO like hiding text and links.
Using these techniques we can increase our website rank but this are short term gains as Google notices this it will hamper website rank and also might block your website as well.

3. Grey hat SEO:

Grey hat technique is a mix of Black hat and white hat to increase website rank as well as visitors on your website.

Google may or may not notice this, It may be argued that it is white hat or black hat technique but as it is mixed we call it grey hat technique or we can also say it is bordered black box technique where we don't cross major boundaries laid down by Google for Search engine optimization.

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