Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How SEO Marketing helps to grow Business?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important aspect of marketing to grow your business in todays era. SearchEngine Optimization is a technique through which you can increase your page rank with relevant content for target audience for your business. Now a days most of people who whether wants to buy any product or service whether it may be online or offline, first thing someone does is searching that product or service for details on google.
So today to increase enquiries or leads for your business it is important to not only have website but it should also be visible to target group on first or second page of google . As after those two pages your website is as good as invisible for customer.
Example: if someone searches for " website designing company in navi mumbai" and if you are located in navi mumbai providing these service than your website should be available on first page for this kind of search which is possible through search engine optimization. Those website which are available on first page will get more clicks and there by getting more leads for their business, apart from this it will also affect their brand making it reach more customers.
Today SEO has overtaken traditional marketing concept such as cold calling as due to SEO it is actual customer who requires your product or service reaches you for fulfilling their requirement where as in cold calling conversion rate is very low as most of our calls are for those audience who may or may not require your product or service utilizing your time and money for none.

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