Monday, 6 March 2017

How to start your online venture?

In this post i will share that how someone can start his online venture from technical perspective where we are going to discuss about website designing, website development, web application development , mobile application development, SEO ,as well as Digital marketing.

Well today website any way has become a necessity for any business but when we are talking online business but of course website becomes a very much integral part of your business plan, so whatever may be your brainchild it is very important to have a website which portrays your business and communicates with your target audience.

So first is to develop your website whether it is Ecommerce or subscription based or some kind of a portal or even classifieds to name a few. You have to deeply get involved in designing and development of your website or web application. Also try and get the domain name as catchy as possible.

User experience is something very important if you want to hold on to your visitors on your website, so try and have smooth and uncomplicated website which makes user understand flow of your website or web application. Once you are done with development of your website try and check it in live environment as live testing is utmost important once your website is bug free, try and launch it making it available to all with proper support from your vendor. Mouth publicity is always a good option but world is moving on internet and visibility has become very important.

So for getting visibility on Google try an start doing SEO of your website also invest in digital marketing as well, this will get your website above your competitors this will help people making aware about your online presence as well as generating more revenue for your business as well. You also have option of generating revenue from Google through AdSense and ad words

Once there are enough users using your website try a go for mobile app development well while doing so you may go with native mobile application or hybrid mobile application development depends on your budget, you may also choose to launch only android application first to keep your users engage with your business and after that going for IOS application. Once user gets your mobile app on his mobile it’s very much likely that you have become a first choice for your target audience there by going ahead of your competitors in your business, here again through mobile apps you can generate revenue from Google play store and apple store as well.

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