Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Can phone gap or ionic framework is an alternative for native mobile application

World is really moving towards mobile applications in our day to day life somehow in a day we make use of lot of apps on our mobile. Whether you are an android user, IOS user or windows, now a days there is something which may work as an alternative to this native mobile application that is phone gap and ionic frameworks. We have asked about this with Mobile application Development Company who explained us about this topic in detailed.

So let understand what this framework are and why they can become feasible solution or an alternative to native mobile application. First we will look into the advantages of using phone gap and ionic framework over native mobile application.

Advantages of using phone gap framework:
·         Open source: phone gap framework is an open source platform, where you can use their codes for free.
·         One for all: Need to develop once and can be used for multiple platforms, such as android, IOS and windows as well i.e. one code for all platforms.
·         Cost and time saving: As per above point it is cost saving for clients and time saving for developer as well. As developer is not required to develop same app for different OS platforms.
·         No limitations: Developers on any technology whether it is java, PHP, .NET all can use this framework only with the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for developing such mobile application.
·         Hardware accessibility:  through phone gap and ionic framework we can have access to mobile camera, geo location, vibration, and accelerometer.
·         Adobe support: Developers no need to take headache of generating APK as phone gap uses adobe build service to generate such files to be uploaded on play store and iTunes.

Dis-advantages of using phone gap and ionic framework:
·         Functionality support: Phone gap and ionic framework don’t support all native functionality.
·         Performance: hybrid apps developed on phone gap and ionic framework are quite slow compared to native mobile applications.
·         Dependency: Depending on your app scope there is at least 10% dependency on native development.
·         Plugin limitations: if there is no feature available.

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