Thursday, 2 February 2017

How IT Company Works?

Start as a freelancer as company Prolifiquetech had done , reason is you need capital, if you already have capital than focus on getting your Business registered like PAN number, service tax, gumasta license, etc. For start register your business as sole proprietor or if there is partner register it as partnership firm. Don’t rush to get your business registered as PVT LTD as it will push you in tax related work which you don’t have time for and not even money to pay heavy cost to CA as it is just start of your business.
Once done with registration start focusing on your expertise like if you have sales and marketing expertise in you and your team focus on it and outsource development part to freelancers or website design and development companies and learn to bargain being in sales that’s mandatory  or if you have development experience focus on it start getting business from companies who are looking to outsource projects .
Talking on sales and marketing utilize your network you have and try and make your online presence by digital marketing and SEO there by generating more leads for your business only if require and you have good team invest in cold calling or else focus on online marketing only.
On website development front choose your expertise in technology and compete on price front as there is huge competition today and once you have your sufficient portfolio ,show it to your clients and get projects on that basis and provide them with quality work to get more reference from them.
Once you start feeling that your business has got into profitable position go for loan through various sources available but for less rate of interest,Keep carrying on with your business and growing and extending it , as per business principle there are 3 laps for any companies to cross or sustain.

Once you cross 5 years your company will reach a position which will last for a long period of time, CHEERS you have made it.

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